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… Says talents development feasible under PDP

By Cynthia Alo

The Lagos State Chapter of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has cautioned Nigerians especially Lagosians to resist any form of deception from any political party or individuals who use several means to lure electorates during electioneering.

State Party Chairman, Mr Adedeji Doherty, stated this during a virtual town hall meeting held over the weekend while emphasizing on the need for citizens to go for the core essence of politicking and jettison the immediate gratifications which some political leaders use as baits to get at gullible masses.

According to him, the unfolding events in the country is a clear indication of deception and lies perpetuated by some political leaders which have dragged many into abject poverty adding, ‘therefore, the people must wise up and reject any act of falsehood and rhetorics from people seeking their (citizens) mandates.”

He pledges the party’s readiness to invest heavily in youths and women by way of orientation and economic empowerment ahead of coming electioneering.

He said, “Our youths and women are top priorities to us, we shall leave no stone unturned to ensure that they are mentally and physically empowered to reason rationally to make them have the capacity to make the right decisions and achieve their own personal goals.

“What happened during the pandemic and Ends protest was a clear lesson for all and Sundry. We don’t need to be deceived any longer. Let us fortify ourselves mentally and otherwise to resist any form of vain preachings from any angle. All these little offerings are ephemerals.

“We at PDP are coming with succour and balm to mend the wounds of the people. We call on all stakeholders to work assiduously to restore the dignity and respect of the people.

”Nigerians deserve a society where there are peace and tranquillity, talents development, equity, fairness and justice. We would move to re-oriente every citizens, woman and the youths in particular in the state to make them better decisions makers going forward and PDP is fit and proper to achieve these Objectives,’ he added.

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