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Simple pleasures you need to beat

By Bunmi Sofola

There are some sure-five ways experts have come up with to put a smile back on your face – and here are FIVE of the things they agreed will make us happier…

Make new friends: Studies show that being able to count at least 10 people as good friends makes us happy. But having dozens of friends makes us even happier.

Researchers have also found that childhood mates are no more likely to make us happy than people we become close to later in life. So, it’s never too late to know someone better.

Put the radio on: Listening to music makes us so happy that it can perk us up even when we’re doing something we usually hate. Listening to gentle classical music can help keep us happy by calming us down.

Take a brisk walk:  Even a single session of moderate exercise lasting 20-30 minutes can give our mood an instant and natural lift. In addition to releasing endorphins – the body’s feel-good hormones – exercise raises body temperature by one to two degrees.

Treat Yourself: Experts say that lots of small simple pleasures make us much happier than one big one. So, use any spare cash to give yourself a little treat every day or every week, such as a favourite magazine, a tasty snack or new music, rather than spending it on one slap-up meal or trip to an expensive salon.

Count your Blessings: Psychologists say that simple techniques such as listing our strengths and using them in new ways every day or keeping a journal where every night we write down three.

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