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I dress sexy to keep my husband away from girls — Dora, wife of Nigerian striker, Olanrewaju Kayode

*Says spouse underrated

By Nnamdi Ojiego

Dora, wife of Nigerian striker, Olanrewaju Kayode, in this interview, shares how she keeps her husband from other women among other issues.

It is holiday season and you are in Nigeria. How has it been for you?

It has been fun and so stressful at the same time but we are enjoying the weather. I love it. I am also running around on a project.

It hasn’t been easy but I am pulling through.

You talked about a project. What project?

Just Properties. We are into properties.

Why did you choose property?

After football, there is something you should fall back on and I think this is the safest thing one should fall back on.

Your husband has had a terrific season. As at the last count, he has scored four goals in the Europa League. It is a record. What do you have to say about this feat?

I am so proud of him because he is a hard worker and I can testify to that. He has been working hard towards this Europa and he needed to. He wanted to show the world who he is. But I am very glad he made every doubting Thomas believe that this is Kayode doing what he loves to do.

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I am so grateful that he made this record of four goals in five games. He made every one of us proud. And I know he will hit it to the top soon.

What does that speak of coming back from the ‘dead’ so to say about Kayode?

It is so funny the way they rate him. Like I always say, he is among the most underrated strikers we have here. The last time I went on social media and I saw Amaju Pinnick congratulating him, I knew he (Pinnick) enjoyed what he saw of him and I am glad he was able to watch his game.

So I am really happy that he congratulated him. There is nothing to prove, we are not in competition with anyone. He is just enjoying his games, trying to push himself to the end because we are aiming at the top really and I am so glad that he made that history.

And that history cannot be taken away just like that…

It can never be taken away. I mean even the blind could feel it. It can’t be taken away. He was all over and attracted so many clubs you know. It can never be taken away from him. Kayode is always Kayode.

He is always rising. He is always himself. He plays a very simple and fantastic football and this is why I am always saying Kayode is always Kayode. He has his own pattern of playing

Is that also why his teammates in Turkey love him so much?

Yes, because he is Kayode. He is a very fair person to be with. He is a very loyal person and very humble. He is not the talking type. He is always a calm person.

Maybe that is why some people are having a wrong perception of him…

He is not what most people think he is. My husband is a very shy person. They might have money, but most of them are shy and even when I met him, he was not the talking type. He is a fantastic human being. He is a jolly good fellow and he doesn’t even know what to say at a point and so he prefers to watch and observe than talk. He is a very calm and quiet person right from the beginning.

It is not about snubbing people. Why should he snub anybody? Is he Dangote? I mean, this guy is just doing things in his own way. I hope people will understand him more. He is not the talking type. No, he is not. He is a very calm person and very humble. You cannot really convince people about someone’s personality until you get closer to the person. This is just what I can say about him.

Apart from football, how do you relax as a fashionista?

What do you think? I married a fantastic football player and you want me to just sit down and allow other girls to take him from me? I have to look sexy for my man. He is too handsome for me not to feel good or dress well, but my husband doesn’t look at that but, as a woman, I have to look good, sexy for myself and sexy for my husband.

Whether we have kids or not, you just have to keep yourself fine. When you look good, you dress well. My dad once told me that looking good is good business.

Is that why you go for top things?

I am working for my husband. He pays me well, as an FA-licensed football agent and if you can afford to dress well, why not?

Where do you like for vacation?

I will like to take my kids to Dubai. I want to go to Dubai. I have people I want to see there. It is a fine place with fine weather. I just want my kids to enjoy themselves but because of this pandemic, we couldn’t make it so we just had to relax at home.

When it comes to fashion, what is it that you don’t like?

You mean something I don’t like when it comes to fashion? I just want to dress well, feel good. I am not a skimpy person type. I just like being simple. Anything that makes me feel comfortable, simple and fine, I am okay with it.

What do you say to women flaunting their bodies?

Fashion is what makes you feel comfortable and if flaunting their bodies makes them comfortable, so be it.

But for me, I have my own sense of fashion. I might not do that, but if others do it and they feel cool about it, why not? Fashion is about comfortability and if you feel comfortable about it, you go ahead.

But from where I am coming from, I was not raised like that. I can’t show all those things, but like I said if covering my body makes me comfortable, I do it. If opening the body, showing how sexy you are makes you comfortable, why not?

You are the most visible footballer wife on social media. What do you do to keep up the game?

Maybe because I am my husband’s manager, I just have to keep up. You must have to be flexible with your followers or fans or friends. I am not the rigid type. I try to reply to every post whenever I have time. I want to appreciate them.

I don’t reply to negative posts. I am not a football player. I am just a wife trying to encourage my husband and I try as much as possible to encourage his fans, families and friends. Maybe that is why I keep having more followers.

Your words to your husband’s fans…

I really want to congratulate my husband for a job well done and to keep thanking our supporters for being there for us all the time. Without them, we might not be here. We appreciate them, we love them and we will continue to push forward until we get to the very top they want us to be.

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